Bulgarian Flag

Bulgarian Flag

The Flag of Bulgaria - Description of the Bulgarian Flag

As the above picture of the Bulgarian Flag indicates the background is tri-color - Red, green and white

The description of the Bulgarian Flag is as follows:

three equal horizontal bands of white (top), green, and red

According to Ancient and Heraldic traditions much symbolism is associated with colors. The colors on the Bulgarian flag represent the following:

White - peace and honesty

Red - hardiness, bravery, strength & valour

Green - hope, joy and love and in many cultures have a sacred significance

All Flag pictures depict flags flying, from the viewer's point of view, from left to right

The shape and flag ratio of the Bulgarian flag is described as 2:3 ( length 1 times the height )

The Meaning & History of the Bulgarian Flag - the national emblem formerly on the hoist side of the white stripe has been removed from the flag - it contained a rampant lion within a wreath of wheat ears below a red five-pointed star and above a ribbon bearing the dates 681 (first Bulgarian state established) and 1944 (liberation from Nazi control)

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