Cambodia Flag

Cambodia Flag

Flag of Cambodia - Description of the Cambodia Flag

As the above picture of the Cambodia Flag indicates the overall background is Red and Blue

The description of the Cambodian Flag is as follows:

three horizontal bands of blue (top), red (double width) and blue

a white three-towered temple representing Angkor Wat* outlined in black in the center of the red band

the Cambodian flag is the only flag in the world to incorporate a building in its design

Angkor Wat*  is thought to be world's largest religious structure

According to Ancient and Heraldic traditions much symbolism is associated with colors. The colors on the Cambodia flag represent the following: Red - hardiness, bravery, strength & valour

Blue - vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice

The basic style shown in the picture of the Cambodia flag is described as Border Emblem -reflecting the central design of the flag pattern

All Flag pictures depict flags flying, from the viewer's point of view, from left to right

The shape and flag ratio of the Cambodia flag is described as 2:3 ( length 1 times the height )

The emblem on the Cambodia flag pictures the temple of Ankgor Wat

(white and green shield with a red lion holding a scrolled shield showing

The Meaning & History of the Cambodia Flag* - The Cambodia emblem depicts Angkor Wat which is a temple located in the city of Angkor in the North-West of Cambodia. Angkor was the Capital of the Ancient Khmer Empire founded in the 800's AD. The Temple of Angkor Wat was dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu by King Suryavarman II who reigned between AD 1131 and 1150 and the temple was built during this period. The monument consists of five towers which are believed to represent the five peaks of Mount Meru, the Home of Gods and Center of the Hindu Universe. The Ancient Khmer Empire collapsed and Angkor Wat was turned into a Buddhist Temple.

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